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The need for foster parents grows every day

In California there are over 60,000 children in foster care. Children come into foster care when their birth families are unable to care for them primarily due to neglect that may arise from situations such as homelessness, mental health issues or drug use.  Some have also suffered physical or sexual abuse.

There are over 400 certified Aspiranet families that fostered more than 700 children in 2010. Although the foster parent network is large and growing, we need more families like yours. Aspiranet could have placed an additional 3,000 plus children last year alone.

When you join the Aspiranet family, you help us in achieving our goal of welcoming an additional 3,000 deserving children into loving foster homes. There are 3,000 undiscovered heroes who need someone like you.

Am I eligible to become a foster parent? Find the basic requirements here.

What financial support is available to foster parents? Are there other support services?

How long does it take to become a foster parent? More frequently asked questions.

Interested in Aspiranet’s adoption services?

We recognize that children need more than a place to sleep and regular meals. They need permanence. Our most successful stories feature nurturing parent-child relationships that include the normal things children need most from their parents – birthday parties, family events, adventures, support at sports events – and most importantly, building heroes through a lifelong connection.

Ready to foster or adopt? Talk with one of our family recruiters at 877.380.HERO or contact us. Take the first step to creating a lifelong connection with a foster child.


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