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Inspiring Stories

Every foster youth we serve represents an individual story, an opportunity to inspire hope and create lasting, permanent connections with our foster parents. Below we share the different perspectives of just three individuals we have been lucky to serve in our 35+ years of service to California foster youth.


Emily’s Story

At the young age of nine, Emily Violet was placed into foster care after being left home alone with her 11-year-old sister for days at a time. Starting a new life in foster care was a major adjustment and presented Emily with many challenges.



Nai’s Story

At the age of 12, Nai was removed from her family of seven siblings and placed in a foster home. At the time, Nai (the second oldest child) and her older sister were caring for their younger brothers and sisters as her parents were usually absent.



Wanda’s Story

Over the past 20 years, Aspiranet ProFamily Program Director Wanda Harlan has been a foster parent to more than 40 teens.


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