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Hear My Story: Jamie

“Childhood should be a time in everybody’s life where there are no regrets, no heartaches” Jamie Navarro, 19, said.

Unfortunately, Jamie experienced too much heartache as a child. As she recounts stories of separation from her siblings upon entering foster care, she can’t stop herself from tears over the helplessness she felt as her familiar world crashed in around her.

The neglect she experienced as a child left her with head lice so bad that her foster family had to send her to her first day at a new school with a shaved head, opening her to the taunts of her peers.

As a teen, Jamie connected with her foster parents: Allegra and Joseph. They showed her unconditional love, helping her overcome her anxiety and use her unique gifts to the benefit of others. Allegra and Joseph continue as her host parents as she transitions to adulthood.

Now a sophomore in college, Jamie is thriving as she studies Social Work, Art and English. She hopes to dedicate her life to youth in the foster care system.

“I just want to help make the world a little better, a little happier, and spread a little more love,” Jamie said. “My foster parents changed my life.”

Watch the video below to hear more of Jamie’s story:

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As a foster parent, you can help youth like Jamie thrive in a loving, safe home.

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