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Hear My Story: James

“When I was younger, my mom passed away and I have no dad,” James said. “When my friends are looking for cards to give their mother on Mother’s Day, I have to go to the cemetery to see my mom.”

James’ aunt stepped into his life as his foster parent when he lost his mom at a young age. Since then, she’s helped him grow into a man ready to embrace the challenges of adulthood.

“My auntie helped me understand how to take on the responsibilities of life,” James said. “She really helped make me the man I am today. She changed my life.

James still misses his mother deeply, “everything I do, I do it to make my mom proud. I like to think that if she were looking down on me, she would be proud.”

Watch the video below to hear more of James’ story:

You Can Change a Life

As a foster parent, you can help youth like James thrive in a loving, safe home.

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