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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some of our most commonly asked questions by potential foster parents. Specific questions can be answered by contacting us or speaking with a member of our recruitment team at 877.380.HERO.

Do I have a say in the child(ren) placed in my home?

Yes, Aspiranet works with each family to determine who they believe they can best care for in their home. It’s important to remember that the majority of foster children are teenagers or siblings who sometimes have medical, emotional or mental health needs.

How long does it take to become an Aspiranet foster parent?

It typically takes a family between three and six months to become an Aspiranet foster parent. The time can vary depending on how quickly a family completes the requirements.

Can anyone be an Aspiranet foster parent?

Aspiranet encourages you to consider becoming a foster parent. All foster parents must meet certain requirements prior to certification, such as: being financially self-sufficient, having adequate bedroom space and meeting all state required criminal clearances. Aspiranet staff work closely with each family to help them complete the requirements for foster parent certification.

Would a child’s family be involved while a child was living in my home?

Yes, in most circumstances a child’s family remains involved with their child while he/she is in foster care. The first priority for most children in foster care is to be safely reunified with their families. Most families improve their situation, allowing their children to return home. Foster parents have a big role in supporting a child’s connection with their family, often through regular visits. Aspiranet works with foster parents to help them understand their role in supporting a child’s connection with their family.

How will Aspiranet help me if I have a child with difficult behaviors?

Many of the children in foster care come with special medical, emotional or behavioral needs. When a child is placed with your family, Aspiranet shares all information available regarding the needs, behaviors and habits of the child. The Aspiranet Social Worker works with foster parent and other adults involved with the child in determining his/her needs and then helps develop a plan that best addresses those needs. Some children will benefits from additional services and support; the Aspiranet Social Worker will work with each family and child to identifying and secure those services.

To talk with one of our family recruiters call  877.380.HERO and take the first step to creating a lifelong connection with a foster child.



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